The world’s fastest street circuit


The Jeddah Corniche Circuit is home to the Formula 1 stc Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Hosting its inaugural event in 2021, the world-class motorsport facility was constructed in a record time of just seven months

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Ticketing Terms & Conditions

Tickets Purchase and Event Attendance Terms and Conditions We aim to provide you with a simple and quick way to register or buy Tickets for the JCC Fit. Anyone who buys Tickets or uses a Ticket to enter into the Event thus accepts the below terms and conditions. Saudi Motorsport Company (SAMF) is the operator of the Event and is an authorised Ticket reseller. Where a Customer purchases a Ticket for use by another individual, the Customer shall ensure that the Ticket user is aware of the Terms and Conditions and shall procure that such Ticket user accepts and complies with these Terms and Conditions. SAMF reserves the right to make amendments to these Terms and Conditions from time to time where it has a valid reason to do so (including, without limitation, a change in the operational, security or health and safety requirements of SAMF and/or Venue). Any material changes will be notified to you by SAMF via the email address you provided at the time you purchased your tickets.


“Customer(s)” refers to any individual or organisation that purchases, attempts to purchase or uses any of the Tickets.

“Event” refers to the JCC Fit.

“SAMF” means Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation who is the promoter of the Event. “Services” means the services provided by SAMF in relation to the Event, which may include but are not limited to services such as the advertising and promotion of the Event on the Website and providing an online portal that enables customers to purchase Tickets to the Event.

“Terms and Conditions” means this document and any other documents incorporated by reference.

“Ticket(s)” refers to any form of paid or free entry voucher, measurement method or printed ticket, voucher, entry permission, wristband or similar electronic form such as a unique barcode for the ticket, and a reference number containing information regarding the Ticket, where it was purchased or if permission has been given to enter the Event.

“Venue” means the entire premises at which the Event will take place.

1.Ticket purchase policy

No Ticket for the Event may be on-sold or offered for resale for any form of fee or reward without the prior written consent of SAMF first being obtained and without complying with these Terms and Conditions in all respects.

If SAMF becomes aware of any Ticket sold for commercial gain, the Ticket will be cancelled by SAMF, will not be valid for entry.

No Ticket for the Event may be used by any person for advertising, promotional or commercial purposes including without limitation, prizes, competitions, contests, sweepstakes or packaged with hospitality or other products without the prior written consent of SAMF first being obtained. SAMF may require Customers to provide personal information to prove that they are the original buyer of the Ticket at the point of entry to the Event in an acceptable form such as: national identity card, driving license or passport.

2.Ticket usage policy and attendance at the event

It is the Customer’s responsibility to check whether there are any restrictions on access to the Event, such as age restrictions before purchasing the Ticket. Subject to Saudi Arabian consumer law, SAMF will not be responsible for refunding the Ticket if entry to the Event has been denied for any reason including, but not limited to, carrying dangerous materials, carrying materials with intent to sabotage, unruly actions or illegal behaviour resulting in denial of entry into the Venue.

All Tickets are issued subject to Venue and Event rules and regulations. It is the Customer’s responsibility to abide by these rules and regulations and to see the rules and regulations before purchasing or using a Ticket.

In all cases, SAMF or Venue management have the right to enter the specific location and have the right to conduct a security inspection at any time to ensure safety and security at the Event.

If SAMF, or the appointed security company ejects a Customer from an Event, the Customer is not entitled to recover the value of the Ticket under any circumstances.

SAMF or the Venue management reserves the right to refuse admission to (or eject from) the Venue any person (a) not complying with these Terms and Conditions; (b) not in possession of a valid Ticket; (c) who is in possession of a Ticket which has been sold or used other than in compliance with these Terms and Conditions; or (d) on grounds of health, safety, security or maintaining good public order.

The Event has a strict “no re-entry” policy, i.e., if the Customer leaves the Venue during the Event, they will not be allowed to return to the Venue using their original Ticket. It is the Customer’s responsibility to see the return policy before entering. No refunds are issued to Customers who leave the Venue during the Event and are refused to be re-admitted because of the no “re-entry” policy.

SAMF has the right to confiscate items brought to the Event, including but not limited to food, beverages, video cameras, audio recording equipment, selfie sticks, non-hazardous and hazardous materials, potential weapons. SAMF will not be held liable and will not refund the Ticket price where (i) the Customer attempts to bring restricted items and due to the confiscation of such items, the Customer refuses to enter the Event; or (ii) where the Customer manages to bring a restricted item to the Venue and is subsequently ejected from the Venue due to the Customer refusing to hand over such items to Venue management. Furthermore, SAMF does not accept any liability for materials confiscated by the appointed security company.


You acknowledge that, the Event and certain activities associated with the Event (including without limitation support events) might be dangerous and you agree to attend at your own risk.

SAMF , sanctioning bodies, , persons involved in the organisation of the Event (including officials, marshals, rescue and medical staff), the competitors and drivers (such parties to include where relevant all directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors and affiliated companies), are not responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused to you or your property to the maximum extent permitted by the laws of Saudi Arabia (save that nothing in these conditions limits or excludes (a) liability for death or personal injury arising out of the negligence of any of the above mentioned parties, or (b) any damage incurred by way of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation by any of the above mentioned parties).

4.Photography and Recording

You must not make, create, store, record or transmit any kind of sound recording, visual footage or audio-visual footage (Recording), or store, record or transmit any information or other data, at, or in relation to the Event. It is forbidden to take into the Venue any equipment that may enable you to do the aforementioned acts. Personal electronic devices (including still image cameras, mobile telephones and other handheld personal communications devices) are permitted within the Venue unless otherwise advised, provided that any Recording, Data and any image, including photographic images and any still pictures derived or capable of being derived from a Recording (Image) of the Event that is recorded, stored and/or created thereon is used for personal, private and non-commercial purposes only.

Waiver Safety Form

I, the undersigned, understand, agree, and acknowledge that entering and using the Jeddah Corniche Circuit (JCC) and associated activities is dangerous and that there is a possibility of injury, death, or property damage causing accident or loss and that my presence at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit is voluntary It is at my own risk and that I am liable for all risks arising. I, the undersigned, agree to waive all my legal rights and take full responsibility for my actions in all events to be held at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit (JCC) and to attend the events at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit (JCC) and all other related facilities, and I acknowledge that Saudi Motorsports Company (SMC) will not be liable for any injuries that occur inside the circuit or on its facilities.

I, the undersigned, declare that I am solely responsible for all risks of personal injury, property damage, or other adverse consequences arising from the use, in any way, of equipment, devices, facilities, or services owned, operated, or authorized by The Circuit, including by way of example including without limitation, the use of the track, the racing cars (including the racing cars of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit (JCC) and the Saudi Motorsports Company (SMC), or from any competitions, entertainment, exercises, or any operations or activities conducted or organized either by the Circuit or other organizations. I hereby warrant that I will release Saudi Motorsports Company (SMC) and its effective controller, subsidiaries or other subsidiaries (including any successor or heir) ) and its shareholders, directors, officers, members, employees, and representatives from any liability or claims, demands or cause of action that I may make for injuries or damages arising out of my participation at Jeddah Corniche Circuit, even if due to negligence on their part. I acknowledge that Saudi Motorsports Company (SMC) shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, or other damages arising.

  • I acknowledge and agree that I have carefully read this release and fully understand that it is a release of all liability and a waiver of any right that I may have to bring a legal action or assert a claim for injury or loss of any kind against the releases. if any attempt for a claim is made, I understand I will be responsible for all defense costs incurred by the releases.